Body Treatments & Waxing

Your skin is your best accessory. Take care of it.

Choose between our salt body scrub, algae body wrap and volcanic body treatments or contact us for a consultation. Waxing services also available.

More body treatments can be found in our Special Offers.

Soft Like a Baby Salt Peeling Body Scrub

50 minutes   € 50
Body Scrub Limassol

Starting with a 20 minute Far Infrared Sauna Cocoon Blanket treatment, this luxurious sea salt aromatic oil peeling will deeply exfoliate your body and replenish vital minerals.

By removing dead skin cells, we reveal a softer, brighter and more supple-looking skin.

For the perfect finish, the skin is nourished with BABOR®’s body cream – tailored to your skin’s needs.

✔ Releases toxins
✔ Visibly clearer and smoother skin

Algae Body Wrap

80 minutes   € 70
Algae Body Wrap Limassol

This algae body wrap treatment experience begins with a 20 minute Far Infrared Sauna Cocoon Blanket, followed by a sea salt full-body peel.

A moisturizing and detoxifying algae wrap is then applied to the body to provide hydration and toning.

The skin is left feeling smooth and firm with a specially chosen BABOR® body cream to complement your skin’s needs.

✔ Eliminates toxins
✔ Rich in vitamins and amino acids
✔ Visibly smoother and softer skin

Volcanic Body Treatment

80 minutes   € 70 
Volcanic Body Treatment Limassol

This luxurious experience begins with a 20 minute Far Infrared Sauna Cocoon Blanket to release toxins and open up your pores, followed by BABOR®’s Canadian Salt Body Scrub to remove dead skin cells.

A warm and purified volcanic mud mask is then applied to the body.

It concludes with BABOR®’s body cream – carefully selected to match your skin’s needs.

Your skin is left cleansed, toned, and brighter!


Waxing Limassol

We do waxing for men and women.

Abdomen & Chest (Men) +20 minutes @ €25.00
Arms (Full) +20 minutes @ €25.00
Arms (Half) +10 minutes @ €15.00
Back (Men) +20 minutes @ €25.00
Back (Women) +10 minutes @ €15.00
Belly (Women) +10 minutes @ €15.00
Bikini Line +5 minutes @ €10.00
Brazilian +25 minutes @ €30.00
Eyebrows +10 minutes @ €10.00
Leg (Full) +25 minutes @ €30.00
Leg (Half) +15 minutes @ €20.00
Lip and Chin +5 minutes @ €10.00
Sideburns +10 minutes @ €15.00
Underarms +5 minutes @ €10.00
Upper Lip @ €5.00