Massage Therapies with Amy Wang

Discover your Zen

If you are looking for the best massage in Limassol then you are looking in the right place.

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Consultation with Amy

25 minutes   FREE 
Best Massage in Limassol - Massage Therapy

Aches and pains? Not sure which massage will help you?

Book this free 25 minute massage consultation/check-up at the spa with Zensation Spa owner Amy Wang!

The Zen Master

120 minutes   € 140 
Best Massage in Limassol - Massage Therapy Zen

Prepare to be taken on a heavenly stress-releasing massage journey with this 2-hour full body treatment!

A truly superior head-to-toe experience, your therapist works on muscles, soft tissues, and joints, including the abdominal area with great attention to detail.

If you love massages, this therapeutic, soothing and nourishing treatment is a one of a kind experience that will guarantee to help you discover your ZEN.

The Deep Master

60 minutes   € 70
90 minutes   € 105
Best Massage in Limassol - Massage Therapy Deep

A tailored treatment for clients that are more experienced with massages and are looking for deeper and more focused pressure from a professional therapist.

A combination of pressure points and spiraling movements work deeply to target and relieve muscular aches and pains while leaving the body’s energy renewed and refreshed.

The Therapeutic Master

60 minutes   € 70
90 minutes   € 105
Best Massage in Limassol - Therapeutic Massage Therapy

The ultimate therapeutic full body treatment for those who are experiencing all sorts of pain and aches in the body caused by stress, old injuries or with specific spinal conditions.

This massage is custom made according to each clients’ body and needs, using a combination of techniques and knowledge from Chinese acupressure and Japanese shiatsu massage.

The stretching movements will help you regain mobility and energy, releasing tension and pains.

The Dream Master

60 minutes   € 70 
Best Massage in Limassol - Massage Therapy Dream

A unique and elegant massage experience to awaken the senses, recharge your body, and help you regain a peaceful mind.

Your room is prepared with Lavender and wild orange scents. Heated oil will then be applied to the body to begin your journey to relief and deep relaxation.

With light to medium pressure and long stroking, gliding techniques, this treatment is ideal to calm the stressful and sleepless soul.

The Mini Master

30 minutes   € 35 
Best Massage in Limassol - Mini Massage Therapy

Focusing on resolving the blockages on the back, neck, shoulders, and head, this 30-minute treatment guarantees to ease your pain and release muscle tension.

It is ideal for persons who suffer from migraines, headaches, neck, or back pains and would benefit from a series of quick sessions.