Professional Massage in Limassol

Stress, headache, anxiety, toxins, pain, depression, muscle aches. Let it all go.

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Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes   € 70 
75 minutes   € 85 
90 minutes   € 100 
Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage - Βαθύ Θεραπευτικό Μασάζ των Ιστών

An intense full body massage focused on reducing tension and stiffness.

Strong pressure is applied using slow and deep strokes to target the inner layers of muscle and connective tissues, improving blood flow circulation and releasing hard knots.

✔ Reduces chronic pain
✔ Improves stiffness
✔ Releases trigger point blockages
✔ Rehabilitation for muscle and soft tissue injury

Treatment is performed by our therapist Stalo.

Marshmallow Classic Massage

60 minutes   € 60
75 minutes   € 70
90 minutes   € 80
Marshmallow Classic Massage - Μαρσμέλοου Κλασικό Μασάζ

This full body massage uses gentle to medium pressure with gliding and stroking techniques to relieve muscle tension and ensure total body relaxation.

As its name implies, this treatment will leave you feeling like your body has transformed into a marshmallow: no more stiffness, just soft and relaxed!

✔ Relieve tension
✔ Pain relief
✔ Improve flexibility
✔ Lower anxiety & stress

Treatment is performed by our therapist Stalo.

The Angelic Flow

60 minutes   € 65
Angelic Flow - Αγγελική Ροή

This heavenly synchronized full body massage treatment is designed for those seeking gentle to medium pressure and stretching movements to increase joints mobility.

You begin with deep breathing and peppermint essential oil to relieve clogged sinuses and ease tension. Your therapist will then use a continuous flow of warm oil combined with flowing and stretching movements.

It’s a journey where you will learn to let go and surrender to your therapist’s expert touch, awakening your senses!

Treatment is performed by our therapist Stalo.

Back Massage with Hot Stones

45 minutes   € 50 
Back Massage with Hot Stones - Μασάζ Πλάτης με Ζεστές Πέτρες

This experience begins with a smooth, light to medium pressure oil massage with stroking and gliding techniques using heated stones that are then placed on specific parts of the back to help you relax, ease pain and relieve tension.

✔ Nerve calming
✔ Improves sleep
✔ Improves circulation
✔ Muscle relaxation

Treatment is performed by our therapist Stalo.

Back Massage

30 minutes   € 35 
45 minutes   € 50 
Back Massage - Μασάζ Πλάτης

Variable pressure is applied according to your preference to the upper and lower back, as well as the shoulders and neck, to relax your muscle tissues, release endorphins and leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.

✔ Improve posture & spinal health
✔ Pain & tension relief
✔ Releases muscle toxins & lactic acid
✔ Endorphin release

Treatment is performed by our therapist Stalo.

Head, Neck, Shoulders Massage

30 minutes   € 35 
45 minutes   € 50 
Head, Neck, Shoulders Massage - Μασάζ Κεφαλής, Αυχένα, Ώμων

We usually carry most of our tension in this area of our body. This massage uses acupressure, palms and kneading to help release that tension leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.

✔ Tension relief
✔ Lowers anxiety & stress
✔ Headache relief
✔ Muscle relaxation
✔ Improves neck and shoulder mobility

Treatment is performed by our therapist Stalo.

Sports Massage

60 minutes   € 70 
75 minutes   € 85 
90 minutes   € 100 
Sports Massage - Αθλητικό Μασάζ


This full body massage can not only help with muscle ache and strain but also help prevent muscle injury.

The treatment is rigorous and is usually a preferred choice for athletes or persons that exercise regularly.

✔ Injury prevention
✔ Muscle pain relief
✔ Eliminates stiffness
✔ Improves posture
✔ Improves flexibility
✔ Sport performance

Treatment is performed by our therapist Stalo.

Prenatal Indulgence

60 minutes   € 70
Prenatal Massage (Pregnancy Massage) - Προγεννητικό Μασάζ (Μασάζ για Εγκύους)

This specialised treatment will help relieve discomfort and pain you may be experiencing during your pregnancy.

While you lie on your side, gentle and soothing massage techniques are used to melt away your tension and stress, lift your mood and reduce symptoms of pregnancy blues.

✔ Relieve back, neck & joint pain
✔ Reduce swelling of hands & feet
✔ Reduce stress & anxiety

Recommended from the second trimester.

Anti-Cellulite Massage

50 minutes   € 60 
Anti-Cellulite Massage - Μασαζ κατά της Κυτταρίτιδας

This specialised treatment begins with a 20 minute Far Infrared Sauna Cocoon Blanket.

Massage techniques are then used on problem areas to improve blood and lymph circulation as well as release toxins in combination with dōTERRA® 100% pure certified essential oils.

✔ Improves circulation
✔ Eliminates toxins
✔ Healthier brighter & smoother looking skin
✔ Reduces water retention

Not recommended for people with severe spider or varicose veins.

dōTERRA® 100% Pure Essential Oils Healing Full Body Massage

60 minutes   € 75 
90 minutes   € 110 
dοTERRA Healing Full Body Massage - Θεραπευτικό Μασάζ με Αιθέρια Έλαια dοTERRA

Muscle aches, migraines, joint pain, anxiety, and depression are just some of the issues we can tackle with this custom healing full body massage.

Following a detailed consultation to identify the issues and problem areas, different oils are blended right before your session making this massage unique to you and your body’s needs.

✔ Relieves migraines
✔ Pain & tension relief
✔ Relaxation
✔ Improves mood

Treatment performed by Amy Wang.

Chinese-Japanese Pressure Point Full Body Massage

60 minutes   € 70 
Chinese-Japanese Pressure Point Full Body Massage - Κινέζικο-Ιαπωνικό Μασάζ σε Σημεία Πίεσης

The body has a natural way of healing itself. Using firm pressure at a slow pace, the therapist helps unlock your body’s inner healing power and relieve pain from target areas.

This is the treatment of choice for those that prefer a more natural form of pain relief without applying oils.

✔ Improves blood circulation
✔ Muscle tension relief
✔ Chronic pain relief
✔ Awakens inner healing force

Treatment performed by Amy Wang.

Face Lifting Massage

40 minutes   € 40 
Face Lifting Massage - Λίφτινγκ Προσώπου με Μασάζ

Your treatment begins with the BABOR Hy-Öl and Phyto-Active Bi-Phase Cleansing method.

Reflexology, lymphatic drainage and acupressure points offer a non-invasive approach to eliminating toxins and oxygenating your skin in order to improve elasticity and ultimately restore your skin’s youthfulness.

✔ Smoother complexion
✔ Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
✔ Detoxification
✔ Reduces puffiness & dark circles

Treatment performed by Amy Wang.